Stanislavski’s “Building a Character”

These are the gems I found when I read “Building a Character,” a book on how to externally develop a role.

“Where truth exists there is no room for conventional routine, for lying pretense.”

“…the work of an actor is not to create feelings but only to produce the given circumstances in which true feelings will spontaneously be engendered.”

“Love art in yourself and not yourself in art. ”   Stanislavski


(on lovers in a play) “They live on the memory of every moment of their meeting…If you will carry out in your imagination-with the right basis of detailed circumstances, proper thinking, sincerity of feeling- each step in this series of actions, you will find that first externally then internally you will reach the condition of a person in love…(actors trying to feel love as a big and generalized experience) try to embrace the unembraceable. They forget that great experiences are made up of a number of separate episodes and moments. They must be known, studied, absorbed, fulfilled in their entirety.”


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