Genius and Genies

Sitting on a night bus headed from Istanbul to Didim, my friend and I had a very interesting conversation about genies and magic in Islam. I had never known that these were elements of the Islamic religion. Genies, or jinn in Arabic, are these kind of hidden creatures made of fire that can be good, neutral, or evil. I would imagine the Christian equivalent would be a demon (except demons are always bad, it seems).

Fast forward a few months, I clicked on a TED talk link on creativity and one of many fascinating TED talks was by the author of “Eat Pray Love” and it was actually about genius (genies) and daemons (demons) which were considered sources of inspiration. People didn’t have to carry the weight of their creative successes or failures because they considered their source of inspiration to be these extrinsic personalities.

I thought Gilbert’s ideas were very interesting and enjoyed learning even more about the history and etymology of creatures I always associated with being blue and having the voice of Robin Williams. I hope you enjoy this clip as much as I do!

Also, here are more fascinating TED talks about creativity that are very insightful, I hope you profit from them as I did.


One thought on “Genius and Genies

  1. I heard her speak about this on NPR a few months ago. I loved the idea of the authors talking to and pleading with their stories. I’m glad you heard a version of it too

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