Banner Ads

We made three banner ads in class. We had the choice of Red Hook Beer or Gatorade. I chose Gatorade, here’s why:

Last night I took my first hot yoga class and received a lesson from my med student friend about how I needed to have potassium and other electrolytes and not just water after sweating so intensively. She warned me of all the perils that befall a poor soul who didn’t take proper care of themselves after hot yoga. Needless to say, I went home and ate a handful of potato chips to catch up on my potassium and as a result avoided sudden death. Next time, however, I just might bring a large jug of Gatorade when I sweat it out at hot yoga. I think I am the most proud of the third (largest) banner ad. Enjoy, I’ll be posting a picture of these in The Stranger. Bon weekend!


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